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January 24, 2022
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Katie Hasselstrom

When you have an essential job to do, isn't it often a comfort to let a software programme do it? The stress of meeting deadlines is enough. When you have the technology to assist you, why add more? For instance, you would like to give your students a surprise test, but you are short on time. The quiz questions should be created using a question generator tool. You won't be in a rush and can carry out your plan without adding to your workload.

What Is A Random Question Generator?

Tools that generate questions randomly are known as question generators. For instance, you might wish to create icebreakers, games of 20 questions, or inquiries for students in order to stimulate dialogues and get to know one another. These tools are designed to either find a random question of the day or provide you with good questions at the touch of a button.

A user interface and a question database are combined in a straightforward programme called a question generator. The tool's creators add original questions that might be geared toward different topics. Then, when users click a button, a random mathematical calculation occurs, and a related question is pulled from the database.

How Do Random Question Generator Tools Work?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to learn how these random question generators really work!

Entering Text:

The platform supports input in a variety of formats, including text, image, files, video, and more (though it depends on how the software has been designed).


Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are used to assess the text and turn it into a collection of questions (MCQs, fillups, matching, descriptive, etc.).

Forming Issues:

The user can adjust the questions' difficulty level or other details once they are displayed on the screen.

Providing the Product:

Once the exam paper is complete, the output is exported in many file types, including PDF and CSV files (this again depends on how the software has been developed).

Best Question Generator Tools

1. PrepAI

A platform called PrepAI uses artificial intelligence to generate test questions on your behalf. It supports inputs in the form of PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, video URLs, video files, and Wikipedia material and has an intuitive user interface. The only platform for creating questions that allow users to scrape content directly from Wikipedia is PrepAI. The software may prepare questions of different types in a variety of formats, including:

  • Multiple choice questions (with single and multiple correct answers)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Descriptive questions
  • True or false
  • Statement based questions

You can select from Easy, Medium, or High difficulty levels, and you can receive the output in a variety of formats. PrepAI's extensive knowledge base guarantees that you may make a test paper on any subject or topic. The questions can also be altered, rated, and rearranged as necessary. There is a free version of PrepAI. The platform was created to support educators, test writers, test administrators, teachers, and tutors.

2. Lumos Learning

Using machine learning, Lumos Learning assists in the creation of tests and assessments. The tool instantaneously transforms words and responses into questions. It is intended for use by parents, librarians, and schools (from elementary to high school) to:

  • Align learning standards
  • Auto-generate remedial assignments
  • Improve students’ writing skills
  • Conduct reading programs
  • Improve subject/ grade-wise skills

The programme effectively produces reading comprehension, language and grammar, and math test questions. To evaluate your students' success and aid them in mastering each subject, you can access the exam metrics. The website allows parents to evaluate their kids' academic progress and produce workbooks to help them become better students. The test results can be exported in CSV format. It only takes input via copying and pasting into the website's text field.

3. Quillionz

Quillionz creates a variety of exam papers with the utmost convenience by utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning. To develop a test that meets your needs, you can modify the assessments and make the necessary modifications. The platform creates-

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Recall Questions
  • Short Descriptive Questions

The platform may generate questions whenever needed and offers a free subscription version. The automatic question generator in Quillionz, created by Harbinger AI, can create exam questions, quizzes, and study guides for you and your students. The Quillionz API can be used by educational organisations like schools to integrate it with their current systems. High-tech content, such as legal or medical publications or exam papers, is not appropriate for Quillionz.

4. Jotform

Jotform is another excellent choice if you're searching for a platform that enables you to create tests for any subject area, including conditional logic, and automatically grade responses in a quick and simple manner. This free question generator gives free online test templates, so you don’t have to bother about designing your test from scratch. Both traditional form templates and conversational card forms, which are more entertaining and engaging, are available in these templates, which can be tailored to fit your classroom.

There are several different quiz types that may be constructed, including math, multiple-choice, vocabulary, and more. If you're concerned that you lack the necessary technical skills to use the platform, keep in mind that no coding experience is necessary because it is simple to use. You may easily drag and drop text boxes or multiple-choice questions using the writing tool. Also, you may add a section for students to upload files as answers, and there is a space for you to provide exam instructions.

5. ProProfs

Around 50 million people have taken over 100,000 questions created by ProProfs, a well-known quiz creator. It offers a simple method for producing highly configurable online tests that can be accessed from any location at any time. You will receive data and statistics after your tests have been sent out to assist you in gauging your student's comprehension of the subject.

International companies including Dell, DHL, Cisco, and Sony use the platform. As previously indicated, using our free question generator is really simple. Simply select the quiz type you want to design, select the quiz templates you want to use or create one from scratch, then enter your quiz questions, photos, and videos. You may begin customising the quiz's appearance and its options once you've provided all of the required information. Sharing the quiz with your students or staff would be the final step.


The evaluation exams don't need to be created from the start by teachers, trainers, and mentors, saving them significant time. The wealth of information available makes it unnecessary to comb over pages of text in order to list significant subjects and formulate queries. Skimming through tens of thousands of pages is tiresome, even when done on a computer.

An all-inclusive option for streamlining training and learning programmes is to use random question generators. The gadget will still help teachers streamline their workflow. Last but not least, don't forget to have a look at Teacherbot, our potent tool that can generate activities and lesson plans for every level (from kindergarten to university) and subject.

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