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January 24, 2022
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Katie Hasselstrom

Lesson planning is a crucial component of your teaching method as a teacher. It enables you to arrange your ideas, establish precise learning goals, and produce interesting exercises for your students. For busy teachers, in particular, the procedure can be time-consuming and repetitious. The good news is that you can do lesson planning with a variety of AI lesson plan generators and tools thanks to the development of AI technology.

These technologies make lesson plans, propose exercises, and offer feedback using artificial intelligence. Because of the time you'll save, you'll have more time to concentrate on other important areas of your job. You will get to know your students and give them insightful feedback. This article will discuss the best lesson plan generators that can help you save time.

9 Best Lesson Plan Generators Online


You can build activities and plans with Teacherbot for any level and subject, only being constrained by your creativity. This is best for UK primary and secondary school teachers who work with students between the ages of 4 and 16. You'll save a tonne of time by using Teacherbot's lesson plan generator.


Educators developed the OnCourse lesson plan generator to streamline K–12 lesson planning and enhance lesson alignment with district curricula. The OnCourse method achieves greater levels of uniformity while respecting your autonomy. Every lesson created in your district is more effective, thanks to the OnCourse lesson plan generator. It saves your time and provides parents and administrators with more information.

Google Classroom

A popular option that gives you an all-in-one way to organize, control, and check learning activities is Google Classroom. This tool is not only simple to use and available from anywhere, but it is also designed for teamwork. You and your students may utilise Google Meet to have face-to-face conversations while editing the same page together.


You may optimise your workflow using Planbook, a well-known free lesson plan generator. It includes features like tutorials and first-rate customer service. Online schedules can be modified to accommodate last-minute changes or reuse lesson plans from previous classes. You can find a tonne of free lesson plan templates online; you need to know where to look


Planboard's editor is cutting-edge and simple to use for creating lessons. To make your teaching more engaging, it incorporates documents, images, and videos. Using this application, you may create lesson plans quickly so that you can start teaching. The interfaces between Schoology Learning and Google Classroom even let you share lesson plans. You can use your lesson plan as class material, an announcement, an assignment, or a question.


By bringing interactive tools and resources to the table, Nearpod has elevated the learning experience. This lesson plan generator provides support for student learning through visual tutorials and instructions. One can rely on Nearpod to provide compatibility based on device kind and availability for both online and offline learning. Depending on the circumstance, you can change the lessons. In the list of lesson planning tools, you can add Nearpod to PowerPoint, Google Slides, movies, and worksheets.

Common Curriculum

Common curricula have altered lesson designers' narratives. You can use the tool to align your plans with standards. Common Curriculum enables you to create brief agendas, script lesson plans, and print the lessons with a single click. This saves you hours of tedious lecture preparation. With the Common Curriculum, the structure of lectures and lesson plans has become practical. Google Classroom assignments and class websites serve as communication tools for both students and their families. You can use this tool to hack lesson plans alongside thousands of other teachers.


ChatGPT, a free online lesson plan generator, has revolutionised how you prepare lesson plans. ChatGPT's sophisticated language processing skills enable it to construct high-quality learning experiences by generating detailed lesson plans in a matter of seconds. This tool produces lesson-complementing activity ideas, write learning objectives, offers comments, and suggests pertinent resources and materials. It is not surprising that ChatGPT has grown to be a favourite among instructors. Because it offers a quicker and simpler answer to a time-consuming chore.


Evernote handles all work and deadline management on a single platform. For teachers who need to plan their lessons, the programme offers useful templates. Scanning important materials, like lectures, will help clear up the clutter. In essence, Evernote links to Google Calendar to establish the schedule and deadlines. It guarantees that you are always current. When using Evernote, workplace efficiency at school is multiplied.


In today's world, productivity is the key to success in any line of work. The teachers need a tool that can generate lesson plans and distribute lecture slides, saving them time. Different lesson planner tools are available on the market that saves you time. You can concentrate on the important things. Utilising planner applications makes scheduling and planning simple and practical.

You can give Teacherbot a try to create activities and lesson plans for any subject and level. It provides tonnes of resources to make your work way easier to handle!

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